Modular Kitchen is a term used for the modern kitchen furniture layout consisting of modules of cabinets made of diversified materials which hold accessories inside, which can facilitate the effective usage of the spaces in a kitchen. It consists of “FLOOR UNIT”and “WALL UNIT”.
Floor units are made of plywood below Granite or Marble which is used for all cooking activities.
Wall units are held on walls for storage purpose.

Details of Material Used

  • Plywood Used To Make- Modular Kitchen With CITY INTERIOR
  • Laminates Used To Make- Modular Kitchen With CITY INTERIOR
  • Fancy Cabinet Handles
  • Good Adhesive
  • Experienced Carpenters
  • Kitchen Baskets
  • Chimney
  • Heat Absorber.
  • Plywood
  • Sink
Advance for Modular Kitchen with CITY INTERIOR

  • Our Stating Price will be 1 Lakhs only for Dream Modular Kitchen.
  • In Case The Area Is Increased Or Decreased The Cost Will Either Increase Or Decrease Accordingly.
  • Once You Place An Order, OR Before Placing Your Order.
  • Our Team Will Coordinate With You In 24*7 Hours Through Email Or Mobile Number (Provided).
  • Will Discuss All The Details With You And Visit Your Place And Calculate The Area.
  • We Would Start To Furnish Your Kitchen Once We Get The Amount Credited Into Our Bank Account/ Cash Mode.